Instantly helping support Social Care providers’ robust systems for Visitors, Vaccinations & Testing Compliance.

A cost & time effective, innovative, user-friendly digital tool to support you and your staff comply with guidance.

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Removing the burden of the process, so one less thing to worry about…

Helping you and your staff navigate the logistical nightmare of complying with guidance conveniently.
Key Benefits

Get started straight away - Ready for you to use in minutes.

Supporting your organisation
Reduce staff & manager burdens, saving time
Minimising conflict
with doorstep challenges
Proof of a robust system for compliance, security & GDPR
The solution is accessible 24 hours a day.
Supporting instant recording & recalling of information
Allowing delegation to staff through secure logins
Avoiding use of paper records
For Managers

You're In Control

How It Works

Get started Immediately - Ready to use in just 15 minutes.

So, we’ve created a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that allows you to be efficient and
informed every step of the way.

Register your Care Home

Register and pay securely. You will then receive a link by email, giving you access to the registered persons portal and enabling you to set up your own unique password. You are now up and running…

Assign Staff Users

You are able to assign staff users with their own username, who will then be able to use the App on the frontline. They will have a unique auto-generated 6 digit pin, which they will change on 1st logon. Next, show your staff how it works.

Download the App

Download the App on as many tablets and mobile phones as you wish, via the Apple and Google App stores. The solution is ready to go… The App is also available over the web.

For Staff

A Simple, User Friendly Interface For Staff

Pricing Plans

Simple Pricing

No other charges.  No set-up fees. Minimum period of 12 months applies –
Billed annually for the first 12 months, thereafter monthly”
Verifyplus (NEW Features Offer)
Offer valid until 16th March 2022
£15 /pm
£180 per year
*Billed annually for the first 12 months
Verify Plus
Price after 16th March 2022
£20 /pm
£240 per year
*Billed annually for the first 12 months
What Our Customers Say

Created for Social Care by Social Care to address their specific needs.

Developed with Social Care & the local Care Home Association – EMCARE (East Midlands Care), who represent Care Homes across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. Supported by Leicester City, Leicestershire County & Rutland County Councils.
"VerifyPlus is one of the easiest systems that I have seen to be able to provide this evidence… really small amount of time to setup”.
Katie Wade
Registered Manager

Amberwood Care Home
“Verifyplus gives me the confidence of knowing exactly who comes in & my staff are doing the job, & above all everybody is safe”.
Mohammed Anwar

Allag Care Ltd
“Verifyplus app is a user friendly software to tick all the boxes for compliance of accurate recording and GDPR data protection”.
Manisha Zala
Associate Director

Midlands Care
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The App can be downloaded onto multiple tablets and mobile phones.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors currently would have to wait outside of the building, whilst the care home manager/staff go to the care home’s office to check their recording system to see if the visitor can be let into the building.  This would waste the time of the visitor and also depending on the weather could be very inconvenient. There are still ongoing doorstep challenges with regards to vaccinations and testing evidence. This solution alleviates this issue and saves time for the care home and visitors.

The App recalls the record of any visitor who has visited the care home before, so the staff member can review the details of the evidence previously presented.

The App saves all the data in the cloud digitally. If using paper records, these would need to be held securely, possibly in an office away from the entrance to the care home.

The App helps in supporting Social Care providers’ robust system for  visitors, vaccinations & testing.

There has been a recognition that both registered persons and staff are suffering burnout, tiredness and fatigue. The current environment creates further administrative work for social care providers, specifically registered persons, adding to their day to day burdens.  The App facilitates the duties of the registered managers and their staff, relieving pressure, freeing up their time and supporting resilience.

The App is accessible 24 hrs a day, so as long as staff users are assigned, access at off peak times is available.

Verifyplus provides a simple and easy solution to face challenges in the social care sector in relation to visitors, vaccinations & testing.

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